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Revolutionizing Mobile Home Loans

In Park Mobile Home Loans

Founded in 1999, has processed and funded 10's of thousands of mobile home loans. more>

Mobile Land / Home Loans

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Bad Credit In Park Loans

Since 1999 we have been the innovator and pioneer of bad credit mobile home loans throughout the United States. more>

Bad Credit Land Home Loan is our reality division for the west coast. Please check out our homes for sale. more>

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Here at we don’t see a credit score or a income stating obstacle or a housing valuation issue. We see people.  When you see and respect the person first then obstacles are more easily overcame.

There are no substitutions for rolling up the sleeves to get the job done right. That's why each client is assigned a proven & considerate account executive to oversee the loan transaction from start to finish. This is your guy or gal in the trenches with their "hands on" approach. They will become a trusted friend in this mobile home finance or refinance process. We have seen thousands of these friendships grow into something bigger than us. And we are amazed every time to see the customer/officer grow beyond our expectations.

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" Good Credit or Bad Credit: 
You deserve the best loan 
program available. "

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