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Revolutionizing Mobile Home Loans

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Basically, a general rule to remember is we are building a case to the Underwriter on every loan submission. Therefore anything that makes you look good to the bank should be submitted; things like child support, Structured settlements and rental agreements for other properties are all Examples of things that make you look good to the bank.

Furthermore: Mobile home loans are not like regular home loans in the sense that they are processed and evaluated case by case. If there are things that make your file look better let us know. It is our goal to provide you with the best mobile home loan that is available and in most cases we’ll need you to work as hard as we will to accomplish this goal.

Please fill in your application as complete as possible. As well if there are things we need to know about…things like an ex spouse still on title, home being a rental property or 2nd home, loss of job or change in careers are all critical things that you should tell us about up front, as we will inevitably find them out anyway. If there are foundation issues, park lease issues, home repair issues or any other major thing please let us know…it will only help.

Again thank you for inquiring with Myself & the LoanJunction Staff value the manufactured industry, value customer service, value our reputation, value our park communities but most of all we value You.

 Mobile Home Loans Q & A Incorporated

Mission Statement

Mortgage Solutions and Commitments to The Manufactured Housing Community Inc, and our dedicated team of manufactured home agents, processors, managers and executive staff are completely dedicated to providing superior customer service, additional product offerings and better living conditions throught America's mobile home and manufactured home communities. We have long believed the manufactured housing industry needs change...change in lending practices, change in new home manufacturing, change in park security and rent control and most of all change within the United States government to adopt more complete manufactured housing assistance programs, park standards and incentive based rewards for manufactures, lenders and builders. is committed to be that voice. We need your assisatance however....for we are more powerful if we speak as one voice, change as one group, lead as one community and forever improve as one team.

Kenneth L. Crader / President & CEO / LoanJunction. com Inc.

A Letter From The President & CEO of

Dear Manufactured Home Resident:

We as manufactured home service providers, you as manufactured homeoners and those that are representing us as park management/owners have identical responsibilities and are equally mandated to the struggle of protecting our mobile home communities and parks from crime, corruption, scam artists and predators.

We are obligated for many obvious reasons. The most important to myself is the protection for the right of human kind to live in a safe and secure environment. A safe, clean and crime free park gives us a place to retire, grow our kids or just have afforable housing in peace and safety. Protecting our parks and communities can bring up the quality of life to mobile home living communities all around the country. This will bring in a more responsible mobile home dweller, give our seniors peace of mind, imbolden the lenders and manufacturers to provide better services & better homes and frankly once and for all shed the stigma of "trailer parks."

These responsibilities and challenges I speak of won't be easy. Safety, freedom and the pursuit of happiness have never been easy for this nation and it won't be for us involved in the manufactured housing industries or communities....still it is our responsibility and challenge nonetheless., our parent company Inc and myself are committed to safe living conditions in mobile & manufactured housing communities around the country.

We have created this web page to aide in the awareness of manufactured housing community crime. We hope that home owners, lenders, manufacturers, park mangers, park owners and anyone else involved in the manufactured industry will use these links and tools to increase awarness and diligence to making our housing communities cleaner, safer and drug free.


Kenneth L. Crader : President & CEO / Inc. &

P.S. If you find yourself afraid to report a mobile home park crime, call me directly at 800-9LEND99 and I will report it keeping you 100% anonymous.