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Revolutionizing Mobile Home Loans

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Then is for you! We are one of a select few lenders in America who will fund your Home loan with no consideration given to credit value or income. We finance all credit scores. One day out of bankruptcy is..OK!, bank repo... OK! Currently in foreclosure... OK! Whatever your situation we deliver within days!

You will be approved for a secured or unsecured loan, even if other creditors have turned you down because they consider you an extreme high risk. We are absolutely convinced that you will receive your loan within days of applying that we back it up with our Bad Credit 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can have your loan approved quickly and easily using the Online Application., our bad credit specialty division of, daily facilitates nothing but bad credit loans nationwide. We are where most lenders bring their impossible loans...and for good reason! In some cases we may even offer you an unsecured personal loan. Whatever it takes...we'll get the job done...done right, done fast and done cheap

We Will Refinance Your Loan For Any Imaginable Reason...Including:

Our 2-Step Guarantee & our specialty group, understands that your credit won't always be in bad shape. We also understand that in most cases paying off all the bills can actually make the credit scores jump. That's why we offer a 2-Step Loan Guarantee. Our one of a kind 2-Step Guarantee is our written pledge that we will reprocess your loan to lower your payment without any points or junk fees as soon as your credit allows.

No Pre-Payment Penalty Option

To further show our resolve to the trouble credit community. Our dedicated staff at & have pioneered the only no pre-payment penalty bad credit loan in the United States. With a no pre-payment penalty loan option you are free to refinance to a lower rate & payment as soon as your credit and situation allows. We are so confident that we are the only lender offering such a unique benefit that we welcome and challenge you to find another lender with such a benefit.

Repairing The Bad Credit will help you re-establish you credit by simply challenging negative items on your credit report, contacting creditors who wrongly state information & approving you for a loan that is going to allow you to pay bills to rebuild your credit. We are a lender who specializes in helping people with a bad credit history. Our bad credit center is comprised of investors who understand that you need a chance to rebuild your credit and be approved for the loan that is going to accomplish this goal.

Choosing The Right Loan

Finally, we need to choose the right loan for both you and your family. If you want the lowest payment possible then you might consider a minimum payment option arm program. If we're trying to minimize the house payment payment without venturing into the deferred interest loans, then we can consider a 50 year, 45 year or 40 year home loan. Our Bad Credit Division will gladly show you all your loan choices from interest only to fixed loans.

Revolutionizing Bad Credit Home Loans

We Provide Low Rate Home Loans, Bad Credit Home Loans, Manufactured Refinance Mortgage Loans & Mobile Home Loans In Alaska Alabama Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Mexico New Jersey New Hampshire New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington DC West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming